Executive function is the mental process that enables us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks successfully.


'Executive dysfunction' is a catch-all phrase that touches on challenges we might face with thinking processes, emotions, and behaviour.


A Homestudy Workshop

The Executive Dysfunction Homestudy includes a detailed self-assessment that can be easily diagrammed into a picture of a mountain with peaks and troughs that helps people see where they need to focus first.

Then they can turn dysfunction into function by planning next steps based on the assessment results. It also includes:

· charts that highlight overlaps in dysfunction areas and activities that may hinder improvement

· a chart we called the Brain Fit plan that shows which of the 10 areas could improve with each activity in a list

· an example of an activity showing how it can support improvement

· an action plan that helps users outline specific steps to take

· a weekly planner to help schedule those actions

· a final reflection section for ongoing progress tracking and self-reflection.

We think it's great for people to work through on their own, at their own pace an enable you to navigate your life more smoothly.


This is an informative Workshop to help you understand this dysfuntion.

Turning Dysfunction to Function.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

And to really make it easy for you to move forward with this, I’m offering an incredible 100% risk-free guarantee.


Excecutive Dysfunction Workshop

A Homestudy course to turn Dysfunction into Function